We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm based in Belgium, Wisconsin, dedicated to providing our clients with a comprehensive array of advisory services. Prior to 2019, Jay Lauer & Brent Neis were doing business as Plus Group Financial under the registration of multiple independent broker-dealers,

Plus Group Wealth Advisors, LLC strives to establish and build strong client relationships by spending the time necessary to:

  • Fully understand the client's financial goals and objectives
  • Explore, along with our clients, their acceptable risk
  • Explain potential gains and losses related to each asset
  • Educate clients on the basics of long-term investing
  • Assure that clients are thoroughly informed of all fees and expenses


We are a Fiduciary, legally obligated to do what’s in your best interest. We partner with you, working together to help create a financial plan you are comfortable with and sets you up to work towards meeting your goals.

We are a fee-based advisor firm. This helps ensure we act in your best interest by removing the incentive of commissions from our compensation model.  Because we work for you and you alone, we have no incentive to recommend one investment or planning tool over another. At the end of the day, we make money as you make money. As independent insurance agents we may receive commissions on fixed annuity or life insurance products if they fit with your investment objectives.

We believe this model ensures we focus on your situation, your dreams, and your investments - recommending what we believe is appropriate for you, not what pays the most commission. Our asset management fees are based upon a percentage of your assets, which means we are economically tied to your success.